What's Project LENS?

Project LENS is a performance collaborative that seeks to reveal connections between music and a wide variety of topics in the world beyond. Our diverse studies and shared passion for classical music have inspired us to start a conversation about the ways in which music relates to topics as eclectic as evolution, 3D printing, humor, law, and birdsong. At each of our events, we illuminate a central topic by weaving together two threads: a TalkThread, a presentation of an idea, theory, or story; and a MusicThread spun of selections from the classical repertoire.

More About Us

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Faces of LENS

Ariel Mitnick

Ariel has been playing the violin since she was 4, and studied violin with Donald Weilerstein at NEC. Alongside her love of violin, she is interested in neurobiology, having done research on the hindbrains of larval zebrafish and dopamine D2 receptors in flies. In addition to her work on Project LENS, Ariel is currently a Software Engineer at Knewton in New York City.

Rainer Crosett

Rainer started out on the piano, and started cello “late” at age 10. Passionate about human rights, Rainer's thesis at Harvard centered on the theory of human rights, he has been involved extensively in advocacy efforts on the issue of North Korean human rights. Rainer is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Chamber Music Performance at USC.

Alan Toda-Ambaras

Winner of the Most Promising Contestant Award at the 2005 Rostropovich International Cello Competition, Alan began playing the cello at age 4. Besides music, he enjoys studying human gesture in painting. Alan was the artist-in-residence at Cabot House at Harvard for 3 years. He is also a co-founder of the Eureka Ensemble, a musical organization dedicated to social service and inclusivity projects in the Boston area.

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